Tips for Exhibitors

  • Share your Promotional material with organizers to publicise your participation effectively.
  • For International Exhibitors or Shows outside India, Having Translators for local dialects could be very useful.
  • If you have booked 12 Sqm + Size stalls ensure you can seat potential visitors down and talk at ease with them.
  • Ensure you have brand logo’s and professionally taken photographs of products in high Resolution.
  • Workshops and Conferences are great avenues to promote product benefits towards Consumers.
  • Repeated follow up’s with stall visitors post event is a must.
  • Invite your dealers and distributors or end users to the show.
  • Servicing existing clients can also be a focus besides sales.
  • Perfect Platform for New Product Testing and R & D surveys with potential Target audiences (for start-up’s)
  • Offer visitors sweets or other assorted condiments such as tea and coffee. Helps with brand recall.
  • Have a Fishbowl on the front desk to collect visiting cards

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