India Med Expo Bangalore 2019

1-Affordable Healthcare Infrastructure &   Project Strategy 
2-How to develop “Chain of Hospitals
3-Current trends on global incontinence market
4-How to join business & dignity of the patient to increase prestige of institution 
5-Suppliers’ Change Management asan important tool of Supply Chain Management   
6-How to control uncertainties of healthcare business
7-How technology is shaping future of public health
8-Manage and grow your small business using SAP
9-Profit,Patients and Perseverance for individually promoted hospitals
 and Nursing Home
10-Infrastructural  Siamese twins "Building Architecture-Financial Architecture
11-Is Healthcare going be dominated by technologies?
12-Internet-Driving Innovation and Efficiency in the delivery
 healthcare products and services
13-Role & responsibility of Media towards
14-Behavior Matrix and Organizational Performance
15-Green Hospitals: The Best Choice for Hospital Promoters